Welcome to Refuse Truck Media and Consulting (Refuse Truck Photography), a business and web gallery dedicated to garbage trucks and the waste industry.

I am what you would call a Refuse Truck Archaeologist and I scour the country searching for vintage  trucks to photograph, video and secure for restoration. My ultimate goal is to paint an accurate picture that preserves the legacy of the unsung heroes whose innovations have given drivers a safe and efficient vehicle as they work to keep our cities and neighborhoods clean.

I specialize in media and marketing videos for body manufacturers and refuse haulers, offering unique angles and perspectives. With my 10 years of driving experience, I know exactly how to make your trucks shine.  Contact me to let me know your needs and for a quote that can't be beat!

I have a column in the Waste Advantage magazine called Vintage History Corner, where I write about the history of our industry. If you are a hauler or builder who has photos of vintage trucks, please contact me and I would love to write an article about your company‚Äôs history and showcase your photos here on the website!

On this site you will find my personal photography, some client work and video, as well as historical photos from builders and haulers.

Zachary Geroux

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