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I wanted to dedicate a page to the people who worked at C&O. When Chet sent me these pictures, included was a book he put together for the Dempster management to show them who was C&O. By no means a man one could take advantage of, Chet's kindness was repaid with deep loyalty from his employees and customers.

In my talks with Dan Huntsinger, an old apprentice for Chet, he stressed how well Chet took care of his employees. He paid for Dan to go to hydraulic school, which included basic,  journeyman and master. Chet also taught him how to weld, use a torch, run a lathe, and so much more. To this day, Dan could still build a front loader and remembers almost every part number used. Dan remembers one day Chet came to him on the floor, put his arm around him and said, "I've taught you everything I know....and you're still stupid!"

The following pictures below are straight out of the "About C&O" book with the hand written descriptions Chet wrote about each employee off to the side. I think you'll see how Chet viewed each person who worked for him like they were family and get a better understanding of why they were so loyal.

On a side note: I was excited and surprised when Chet told me during our conversations that Dewayne Bolme and Ken Carlson, two of the three  former owners of BEMARS Inc, came to work for C&O. For those who don't know the history of Bemars, it was started in 1960 by Dewayne, Ken and Ed Kouri. All three were former Bowles employee's, grew to be very successful during the 60's and in 1972 sold to Maxon Industries. It was already known that Ed Kouri moved up north to the Bay area and opened up Able Body Company, continuing the Bemars line after the "non-compete" period had ended. What was not know was what Dewayne and Ken did post - Bemars. I'm glad to have that loose end tied up!  There is no picture of Ken below but he was part of the sales force for C&O.

John Kash

John Kash

John takes care of the Parts Department, shipping and recieving, service, and generally goes on a full run all day long. We sure hate to see John take a vacation!

Bob does parts pick-up, delivery and customer relations. He is a retired businessman who would rather drive a parts truck for C&O Mfg than play golf. We are happy to have him!

Bob Eyler

Bob Eyler

Dewayne Bolme

Dewayne Bolme

Purchasing, customer relations and sales and service. Dewayne is a former owner of Bemars, the company that Maxon Industries purchased in order to get into the front loader market. Dewayne brings a great many years of experience to C&O and we respect his knowledge of the industry!

How Dewayne came to work for Chet: "Dewayne called me up one day and asked if I could use him. C&O had just gotten off the ground and I was building up my staff. I asked what he had in mind and Dewayne said he'd be willing to do anything. All he asked for was a gas card and to use the back lot to practice his golf swing! I put his experience to work in prucahsing and customer relations. He was a good friend and asset to C&O."

Marilyn Sloan

Marilyn Sloan

I think Marilyn is our most valuable player. She never loses her cool and manages to take care of all the office details, telephone, endless demands from everyone, and additional responsibilities all the time. Bless her!

I have no explanation or excuse for this...unless someone asked for a raise!

Chester Ott

Chester E. Ott

Taken approximately 3 years after Dempster purchace ca. 1986

(Can you spot Chet?)

Co Worker and Wife Jeanne (R)

Some of My Loyal Crew

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