The Ultralight Partial Pack was the last truck Chet designed at C&O. It was an idea that he had in his head for several years before coming to fruition. Up unto this time, the technology had not existed to bend the metal to create the rounded edges for the body and not have it snap or break. Jack Samrin, owner of JT Welding  in Montebello, figured out how to do it in 1984. Jack was master craftsman and repaired refuse bodies for haulers in the area. He designed a machine that straightened bodies which had become bowed out without having to remove them from the chassis. He also made Over-the-Cab arms for haulers who had purchased Front Loaders with Over-the-Wheel arms.

The Ultralight was a huge success on the West Coast and became C&O/Dempster's best selling truck. With a body weight of only 12,780lbs, it was the lightest Front Loader available and allowed haulers to carry 10+ tons legal on three axles. There are still several being used today, however those numbers are quickly declining as emission laws and old age are forcing them to disappear.

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